Types of Chain & Fastening

Pocket watch chains are essential accessories for wearing your watch regularly. They add style and a classic look, as well as adding security to your pocket watch. With a chain you can attach your pocket watch to your clothing or belt, preventing it from falling or getting lost. 

There are several types of pocket watch chains and fastenings to choose from and come in a variety of styles, materials, and lengths. So, it’s good to be aware of your options when considering the best match for your style and occasion. 

Pocket watch with belt slide chain

Chain Styles 

Pocket watch with straight chain


Straight chains are simple links that don’t have a drop like Albert chains. These can be of different lengths, but are usually intended to droop in a single loop. 


The Albert style chain, named after Prince Albert, consists of a chain between the pocket watch and the fastening, as well as an additional, hanging length chain called the drop. There is often a charm or fob attached to the loose end of the drop. 

Double Albert 

The double albert chain has one loop from the pocket watch to a drop, with an additional loop then attached to another fob. This other fob could be a watch key, compass, or something else. 

Chain Fastenings

Albert T-Bar 

Albert or T-bar pocket watch chains are made to pass through a buttonhole, such as on a waistcoat or shirt. These are simply a length of chain with a clasp at one end for the watch, and a bar at the other to keep the chain from accidentally slipping out of the buttonhole. 

Pocket watch with belt slide fastening

Belt Slide 

A belt slide clip can be used to fasten a pocket watch and chain to a belt. The clip will slide onto the belt and pinch it to hold the chain in place. This is most common with jeans with the watch being kept in a front pocket of the jeans. 

Pocket watch with bolt ring fastening

Bolt Ring 

A bolt ring, sometimes called a spring ring, is a more modern and more versatile type of fastening. These can be attached to a belt loop, buttonhole, or to the thread on a button.