How to Wear a Pocket Watch

Why Should You Wear a Pocket Watch? 

Pocket watches are a classic accessory for telling the time that have been used for hundreds of years. They can complete a classic, respected, and sophisticated look, or an interesting conversation starter. Or, they can simply be a convenient way to tell the time. 

There are several different types of pocket watch and chains that may be worn in different ways. So, that’s something to consider when styling an outfit. But, you could always start with your outfit and find a watch to match the style. 

Pocket watch with waistcoat

How to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat 

The most classic and traditional way to wear a pocket watch is with a waistcoat or vest. 

Place the watch in one of the pockets and attach the chain to the button or button hole directly above it. 

Which pocket you choose to keep your watch in is down to personal preference, but you generally want it on your non-dominant side. That way, as with a wristwatch, it’s less likely to get in the way and it keeps your dominant hand free to use. 

Pocket watch with suit jacket

How to wear a pocket watch with a suit 

Another formal way to wear a pocket watch is with a suit with a jacket or blazer. There are a couple of ways to do this. 

One way to wear a pocket watch with a suit jacket is to attach the chain to a front button hole and place the watch in one of the front pockets. This is similar to how you would wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat, but a little more casual. 

Or, you can keep your pocket watch in your breast pocket and attach the chain to the buttonhole on your lapel. This also makes a good replacement for a pocket square. 

Most suits nowadays though have a loop on the inside of one of the front pockets on a suit jacket. So, you can attach your watch chain to the loop of the same pocket you keep the watch in. 

If you’re likely to be taking your jacket off frequently, you could also keep your watch in a pocket on your trousers. This way, you always have access to your watch. In this case, you can attach the chain to your belt or belt loop, or to your waistband. 

Pocket watch with jeans

How to wear a pocket watch casually with Jeans 

Wearing a pocket watch with jeans is a creative, modern, and much more casual way of wearing a pocket watch. 

You can keep the watch in your front pocket. Depending on the size of your watch and the style of your jeans, keep your watch on the small inner pocket. In fact, that little pocket on your jeans originally for pocket watches. 

To keep your watch secure, attach the chain to your belt or waistband with a belt clip. Or, fasten the chain to a belt loop, typically the loop just in front of your pocket. 


Which side do you wear a pocket watch? 

You can wear a pocket watch on either your left or right side. There is no “correct side” for a pocket watch. Traditionally, watches would be worn on the non-dominant side, as it is common with a wristwatch. But you should wear your pocket watch on the side that is most comfortable for you to use. 

Can you wear a pocket watch with jeans? 

Yes, you can wear a pocket watch with jeans! This is a fantastic, modern, casual way to wear a pocket watch. You can attach the chain to your belt, belt loop, or waistband to keep your watch secure. Or, if you’d prefer not to wear a chain, you can always just keep the watch in your pocket. 

Are pocket watches practical? 

Pocket watches were the most convenient way to carry a time piece for a long time. And, despite the rise in prevalence of wrist watches, they are still just as practical as ever. In the modern day, a pocket watch is no less practical taking your phone out of your pocket to check the time. But, a pocket watch adds a more distinct style.